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We Provide Premium Catering Services

Be it a wedding, a funeral or an intimate party with friends, Chef Gregory’s Gourmet Catering can help you plan your event so that every single detail related to food and catering are expertly and professionally handled.

Be it a wedding, a funeral or an intimate party with friends, Chef Gregory’s Gourmet Catering can help you plan your event so that every single detail related to food and catering are expertly and professionally handled.


Getting married is an exceptional and wonderful thing. Make the most of your wedding reception by allowing Chef Gregory’s Gourmet Catering to create a beautiful and exquisite menu for you and your guests. We will also happily take care of the venue, the décor and the service, which means that all you have to think about is saying “I do”.


If you are planning a corporate event, we can help with food and catering. From company picnics to multiple day retreat or conference, Chef Gregory’s Gourmet Catering can provide you with delicious and appealing food within your budget.

For individuals and businesses looking for an experienced and skilled catering service to handle platter service catering, look no further. If you are in the Laguna Beach area, we will gladly take care of all your platter service catering needs.

Choosing to eat healthy food is smart, but how healthy are you eating? If you don’t know how to read a label or aren’t sure just how much fat should be in your diet, chances are you could improve your diet. Chef Gregory’s has been cooking with fresh and healthy ingredients for years, and on this page, we share this experience with you so that you can prepare delicious and healthy meals for you and your family.


Chef Gregory’s will efficiently and professionally handle most any dine-in catering events, from informal get-togethers to large corporate events. All you have to worry about is your guest list, food and setting preferences, and we’ll take it from there.

As a professional chef instructor, Chef Gregory received his teaching credential through the Cal State University Long Beach back in 1999. Since then he has been offering cooking classes professionally through the Orange County school of culinary arts to private cooking classes in your own home. He can create a class for you and your friends or a corporate event and can be curtailed to your liking. Have you ever wished that you could make something that you saw all on TV or had at a restaurant once previously? Just ask Chef Gregory if he can re-create that for you.

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To set up an initial consultation, Call us at 805•242•5150

For a consultation, please download our help us help you document. they are provided both in a word format as well as a PDF file whichever works easiest for you. Please fill this out and submit it back to us.

Our Packages

Choose Your Favorite Bar Packages

All of our packages have similar charges involved with them.

All bar packages come with many options, please communicate with us to discuss them.

So charges like you had a thing of you here on the page just leave it like this guy does matter to me your choice you can play with it however you like him yet I had because I have a I have it here

People always want to know how much things cost ahead of time, so what I’ve done here is I’ve put together a bottom part of the catering agreement that shows you what it cost for: labor, rentals, service charge, taxes etc. this way at the end of the day there are no surprises. The only thing that’s going to change on here is going to be the cost of the rentals and the time that we spend on site and of course depending on where your budget stands the type of food that you wish to have. Obviously if you’re having tri-tip sandwiches versus some form of smoked prime the price will be different per person.

Charges are as follows

Subtotal: $ this line item is for all of the food that is ordered from bar, appetizers, salads, main courses and desserts.

Tax : this particular line item is for food and drink only, and sales tax is applied to whichever area you live in.

1-Chef On Site: this one here is for $155 an hour and this is for time on site.

Servers On Site: $25/Hr 

Gratuity: is up to you for the most part until we get into large numbers then we add gratuity to the bill at 20% of the food and beverage only.

service fee: $295-this is for time effort and energy used for your event to purchase products, phone calls, rentals…

This is an approximation of time and may vary 1-3 hour’s max.

Rentals: $0.00 rentals can be mind-blowing expensive pending on your event or there may be hardly any rental charge whatsoever because you have a lot of the items that are necessary to have a successful event.