Our consulting services offer a way for you to increase your bottom line through standard operating procedures, menu costing, front of the house operations, communications between the back and the front of the house so your restaurant functions as a fine jewel movement clock. There’s also instruction on preparation to create consistent meals regardless of whether your customer has come in for the first time or for the 20th time the item tastes the same. If there is one word to describe success in any restaurant operation, it is called consistency. Allow us to come in and go through the location and find out which cylinders are not hitting on properly and make the proper corrections. We have opened up several restaurants and designed many kitchens over the last 20 years. And remember that you always begin with the end in mind.

We are offering Consulting services to professionals and non-professionals too. We can develop standard operating procedures, costing menus, controlling inventory, product reliability and so on. If you have a restaurant and need help, please leave the following information: telephone, Fax, email, place of business and a slight description of what it is that you may require. Thank you for seeking our assistance.

Gregory S. Kalatsky

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