• Goose liver Foie Gras (parfait style, marinated in a variety of Port wines and ice wine) in a savory pastry fluted round garnished with Caviar, white truffle oil & plush of chervil. $199.95 qty. four dozen.
  • Smoked Salmon on toast rounds with a honey-mustard cognac spread, caper & a sprig of Dill on a toast rounds. $3.25ea
  • Maui onion tartlets garnished with a sprig of chervil in a savory pastry shell. (This is Maui sweet onions sauté till golden brown with garlic, thyme & deglazed with white wine and, piped into a tartlet shell). This can be served warm or cold. $2.00ea
  • Melon balls, resting on Parma Prosciutto on a bed of herbed mascarpone with a garnish of fresh thyme & mint leave, placed in a fluted toast rounds. $3.00ea
  • Medallions of Shrimp (sauté shrimp with garlic and parsley, deglazed with white wine and lobster stock) resting on a fluted toast round upon a lobster mascarpone cream, garnished with a leaf of tarragon, thyme and a sprig of chervil. $3.95ea
  • Smoked Mozzarella with marinated Tomatoes and Tarragon (balsamic marinated brunoise of concassee tomatoes placed on a piece of smoked cheese on a bed of mascarpone with a garnish of two little tarragon leafs) On toast rounds. $3.25ea
  • Norwegian smoked Salmon on a bed of Crème Fraiche, caper, Dill sprig with delicately sliced Chives $2.95ea
  • New Baby Red potatoes, steamed and cored, then filled with Crème Fraiche and a hint of white truffle garnished with caviar, white truffle oil and plush of chervil. $3.25ea
  • King Crab Stuffed Mushrooms, garnished with chives.

(This crab is sauté with butter, garlic, and herbs, deglazed with lobster stock then mounted with a blend of Italian cheese and piped into a mid size Crimini mushroom and topped with a fine sprinkle of chives). $2.50ea