Wedding Reception



This wedding cost a pretty penny. It was $12,357.00. The food was first class all the way! From tray passed Hors d’Oeuvre and canapés consisting of duck parfait marinated in a reduction of port wines and herbs served with Sauternes gelee to Ballentine of Lobster in a Saffron sauce. It was an event that will make the top ten list. So far there are only two and the other was at the Greystone mansion in Beverly Hills, that one was number two and this was number one.

The tents can run from:
40’x100’= $1,425.00 + 1.50 per liner foot for sidewalls.
2.00 per liner foot with window sidewall for canopy.
2.50 per liner foot with clear sidewall for canopy.

30’x30’= 350.00
40×50= 885.00 …….


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