Southwestern Flair, Mild with a little kick!- LOW SODIUM


You chef Gregory Southwestern flair seasoning to enhance any and all of your grilled items! Remember this is a low-sodium seasonings so use this product liberally. Do not rub it into your food use the plastic glove or latex glove or a piece of saran wrap or plastic sheeting for that matter and press it into the protein or rabbit into the vegetables. Use this on so many items from eggs for breakfast to cottage cheese to steaks, chicken, ribs, fish, French fries and the list goes on and on.

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This is a LOW SODIUM Seasoning has LOTS of flavor and very LITTLE spiciness.

Use this spice product to mix up your Grilled items on the BBQ.

Great ON: Steaks, Chicken, Fish, Shrimp, Ribs, Roasts, Tacos, Avocados, Cheeses, Sandwiches, Meatloaf, All Southwest Cuisine, Corn on the cob, Most all Vegetables on the grill, Eggs, Salads, Baked Potatoes… & the list goes on.

You can Jazz up your favorites Chili recipes with this mix too.

Enhance most of your Mexican food from: Guacamole to Enchiladas.

Try this spice on most anything and, it might become a tradition in your house.

“Enjoy” Chef Gregory

Try Southwestern Flair, Seasoning on most anything and, it just might be the next thing you reach for.

Ingredients: Chili powder (NOT SPICY), coriander, garlic salt, black pepper, sugar and many other spices.


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